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Derby Day!

Pondville’s animal friends are preparing for Derby Day. The diverse sportsmen are getting their go-carts ready to compete in the race. Wolf and Skunk have daring tricks up their sleeves. Will good deeds triumph over bad? Who wins the trophy? Action and adventure, await in this illustrated children’s chapter book filled with humor and excitement!

Hurry-Up Harry

Families can gather to read this exciting adventure with a cast of fun and lovable characters. Children will love the Pondville setting and the interaction of the characters as they prepare for the 15th Annual Derby Day. When problems arise, they work together to solve them just like families do.

Tara Provini


Teachers and parents will find Hurry-Up Harry an excellent way to use literature to introduce discussions on diversity, problem solving, and interacting in positive ways with friends, siblings, and other students. The clever illustrations add interest to the story.

Dena Meyerhoff


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