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Wreck is falling apart!

Pondville’s beloved sheriff’s car is on his last wheels. Sheriff Harry and his friends are dedicated to restoring Wreck to health and his former glory. Meanwhile, Professor Ludwig has made a discovery and is working in secret to learn what his amazing find can do. Can this discovery benefit Pondville? Is there anything it can do to help Wreck get better? Follow along as Bernie, Charlie, Harry, and Ludwig work together to save Wreck. This heartwarming tale has all you have come to expect. Mystery, ingenuity, friendship, and some very funny moments await!

Harry Saves Wreck

Have you ever known a car that could talk? If you say ‘no’, you haven’t met Wreck. The special thing that ties the characters together in this story is their friendship, their ability to work together, and the way they care for each other and the environment. 

Emily-Jane Hills Orford 


What a fun and enjoyable read for youngsters and adults alike, with important lessons to prepare one for navigating the highways of life. The characters, each looking different from one another, yet all are living in harmony through caring, being sensitive to the needs of others, and cooperating for the common good.

Dr. Ron Jawor


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