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The pond is drying up!

Strange things are happening in Pondville and the surrounding towns. Youngsters are missing, residents are afraid, and the pond is losing water. Sheriff Harry and the deputy sheriffs are pulling together to solve the mysteries. Meanwhile, Professor Ludwig is busy developing new gadgets to help with the investigation, and the eagle squadrons are called in to assist in searching for the kidnappers … while spies are watching and plotting to take Ludwig hostage. Danger, thrills, and ingenious gadgets are at play. Will good triumph over evil? How will Harry deal with the nasty, wily criminals—if he finds them?

Harry and the Kidnappers

A brave frog as the sheriff, who did not think twice before jumping into action, commanded my respect. It was amazing how everyone came forward to save their beloved town. The book underscores the importance of friendship and teamwork to succeed in any quest. Subtle humor and beautiful illustrations added charm. 

Shrabastee Chakraborty


Harry and the Kidnappers was a fun ride through imagination as a new mystery besets the town of Pondville. The story weaves its colorful path through a winding narrative that reflects the many choices life can bring us. This well written and amazingly illustrated story will capture the heart and provide many aha moments of life lessons for the reader and listener alike regardless of age.

Chris Gibson


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