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There is a robbery!

Pondville’s general store is being robbed! Harry’s first challenge as the new sheriff in town is to form a posse and catch the thieves. Humorous and daring antics ensue as these oddball characters engage in an attempt to nab the perpetrators. Excitement, lessons, and laughter await in this action adventure where the hooligans learn crime does not pay and neither does caving in to peer pressure or rude, cheeky behavior.

Harry and the Hooligans

The chaos starts when the hooligans decide to rob the local food market. Whatever the [age] level, readers will chuckle and laugh aloud as I did throughout at the hooligans’ shenanigans, the wacky characters, and incredible drawings. 

Jon Michael Miller


Harry and the Hooligans jumps off the pages, tackling themes of fearlessness, loyalty, and stressing the importance of being an independent thinker. Harry is an everyday hero, intent on righting the wrongs of society. He leaves in his wake a community intent on learning from hard lessons. Jump in! 

Kevin Nevins


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