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Welcome to Dr. Bob’s Tales,

set in the town of Pondville.


Award-winning author, Dr. Robert A. Ernst, is a retired orthodontist who practiced in central Connecticut for more than forty years. His education was interrupted when he joined the Air Force. He became a 1st lieutenant during the Vietnam era, before resuming his educational goals. 


His early career as an author began in the form of a storyteller. Known as Dr. Bob, he created tales about the animals that lived around the pond at Foxhill Acres, his home in Nova Scotia, Canada. He delighted neighboring children with the stories.


 In more recent years, his wife Ann convinced him to write down the stories in a series of books, and Dr. Bob’s Pondville was created. More tales are on the way.


Dr. Bob and Ann reside in Florida

The Books



chapter books for ages

7 and above

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